Friends of Felpham Community Interest Company
Registered number: 15221884

Patron: Bill Nighy

Charlie Cockaday Michael Harding Sarah Hodgson Elizabeth Laycock Peter Rollison

Registered office: 
c/o Rolly’s Chartered Accountants
79 Felpham Road Felpham PO22 7PF

Email: info@friendsoffelpham.org Tel: 07340874321 (messages only)

Community Interest Company (CIC)

Community Interest Companies are established to trade for the good of the community rather than to make a profit for the owners.

The Companies (Audit, Investigations and Community Enterprise)

Act 2004 and regulations made under the Act, establish the legislative framework for CICs. CICs are regulated by the CIC Regulator.

Community Interest Statement The directors declare that the company will carry on its activities for the benefit of the community, or a section of the community. The company’s activities will provide benefit to the Felpham Village community and in particular (without limitation) to owning and running Felpham Village Post Office (and shop). If the company makes any surplus, it will be used for the overall benefit of the community via reinvestment to achieve the aims and objects of the company.

The Steering Group for Friends of Felpham consists of:

Pepi Bazlinton – lives locally, involved in Community engagement and employed by Chichester University
Jo Bowen – lives locally, retired from FCO, small business owner, Charity fundraiser
Charlie Cockaday – runs The Fox Inn, Felpham
Thea Crocker, Teacher
Mike Harding – lives in the village and has run a small business for over 40 years
Keith Hellyer – ran the Felpham Post Office for many years
Rachel Higbee – raised in the village, business owner & ran the Felpham Farmers Market
Sarah Hodgson – born in the village, small business owner
Alix Hull, Teacher
Elizabeth Laycock – a writer, lives in the village
Peter Rollison – chartered accountant, has lived locally for over 30 years