Mission Statement

We are all here in Felpham for different reasons. Some of us were born here, some returned after living away and others discovered Felpham and decided this was the place for us. What unites us all is our love of Felpham. Not just the sea, the open sky, its church, cafés, pubs, shops, businesses, societies and, of course, its cheerful dogs!! But us, its community. It’s impossible to walk down the street without a cheery hello and friendly wave. We’re very proud of our living, caring village. Felpham is a special place.

And at the centre of the village is the Village Post Office. A convenient, place to bank, mail post, return Amazon packages, apply for passport and drivers’ licences, buy our newspapers, cards and sweets, learn about local events …

The Village Post Office is the hub of the village. People meet to chat, inside and out. Sit on the bench and watch the world go by. We can nip to the pop-up for a delicious bun or fragrant plants. And even if you don’t use the Village Post Office much, we all know that the Post Office, sitting right in the heart of village, is the barometer of the health and vibrancy of our lovely community.

Felpham has had a post office since 1847. Today we are in serious danger of losing this special asset. The Post Office is up for sale. But we have an opportunity to save the Village Post Office and make it even more special by adding further facilities and community services.

We, the community, purchase it through individual donations as a Community Interest Company. It sounds daunting, it isn’t. There are many thriving examples. More information and link at friendsoffelpham.org. All contributions towards this will be gratefully received, payments can be made as follows:

GoFundMe – details per website
Cheques – drop into Post Office or Rolly’s at 79 Felpham Rd made payable
to “Friends of Felpham CIC” together with your name and address
Cash – via collection boxes located in Post Office and other village shops (to follow later in the year)

Please note that in the event that the purchase does not proceed, contributions made via GoFundMe and by cheque will be refunded in full. We will be unable to return cash donations so these will be donated to other local community groups

Time is of the essence as it always seems to be now. Here we have the opportunity to take charge of our story.